Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I Saw! I Slid! I Survived!

Ok, so as anyone that truly knows me already knows, I am TERRIFIED of heights!  It's one of those things where I don't need to prove anything to anyone, nor do I feel the need to 'overcome' this fear.  LOL! 

 However, there are times when, those who don't have this same fear, seem to think that I should just CONQUER MY FEARS.  Oh, if only they knew how it felt to be standing 10, 15, 20 feet in the air, your legs are shaking so bad that they are cramping up, your palms are sweaty, your heart is racing, your laughing uncontrollably in order not to burst out in tears, and the only thought running through your head is "OH MY GOODNESS, I AM GOING TO DIE!".  

This is how it was a few weeks ago for me.
We went with a group to this amazing resort in La Fortuna called Baldi Hot Springs and Resort.  You can either stay there or just go for the day.  We went up for just the day to enjoy the awesome Hot Springs.  They range in temps from around 90 degrees (Fahrenheit) up to like 150 degrees.  It's an amazing place to visit and relax for the day.

Well the largest pool area (or hot springs) is one of the coolest, temperature wise, and has 3 water slides.  To begin with... I HATE WATER SLIDES.  I've never liked them, have no use for them, nor care to ever go down them.  I am completely okay with being a WIMP and a CHICKEN.  I prefer to relax nicely in the pool and cheer everyone else on as they conquer the SLIDING BEAST.  I'm a great cheerleader and support team.  I will tell you what a great job you've done, pat you on the back, even grab your towel for you if you need to wipe your face.  But I do not WANT TO JOIN YOU!  

For some reason, on this particular day my wonderful friends and amazing husband, all who say they love me, decided that my sitting on the sidelines and watching everyone else go down the slides wasn't good enough for them.  Their day would be more 'complete' somehow if I went down at least one slide too.

I wasn't bothering anyone!  I was minding my own business!  I was completely enjoying myself just being the cheerleader for all of them.  But...that wasn't enough.  

So out of the pool I go!  I slowly walk up the long flight of stairs, taking a break every now and then to catch my breath because I'm hyper-ventilating.  I am now standing at the top of the ENORMOUS SLIDE.  My legs are shaking so bad I feel like I'm going to fall, my heart is pounding, I'm doing a sort of giggle/cry... I look at my husband, who has so bravely brought me to this DEATH SPOT, and beg him not to make me do this.  As he smiles at me, he says "It'll be okay.  Costa Rica's all about trying new things."  Well... DEATH is something new for me but I'm not exactly wanting to try it at the moment!  So after a few minutes of sitting at the top of this slide, trying to get up enough courage to let go, I decide to lay flat on my back and have Ron push me... Yes, I had to have him push me.  I was so scared that I couldn't even go by my own will... Ha!Ha!

So, needless to say, I SURVIVED! 
Do I want to do it again?... Absolutely Not!!!
Have I conquered my fear of heights?...  Not even close! 
But... I can officially say,  "I SAW!  I SLID!  I SURVIVED!"

Here's some photos of our day...

This is "Arenal"... It's a 'sleeping' volcano...


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