Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Back in Nicaragua

We just went to Nicaragua so that everyone (us, the Hawkens, and the Schults) could all be all the same 'visa schedule'.  We went to San Juan del Sur.  It's a small little surfing town and is a port for cruise ships.

The house where we stayed.  It had 3 separate buildings... the one you see is the Kitchen/Living Room,
behind that (and up a lot more steps) is two other buildings that had a total of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

This is the cove where our house was located.  It had a beautiful private beach. 
Where we stayed was the place on the right.

A couple of pics of the town of San Juan del Sur.

Here's the local Kingdom Hall...

We took a small boat for a Sunset Cruise.
Ben Lonergan came down for a little over 3 weeks.  It has been such a privilege to have him here with us.

Mitzi having fun!

It's Leonard!  (or LeeOnerd, as I like to call him.  Hee!Hee!)

Time for a Selfie!

Great pic of Cindy.

'Captain Ron'
(He was immediately put in charge of driving the boat.  Ha!Ha!)

And then the fishing poles started going crazy!!!...  Several on our boat got to reel in some big ones.

Even Cindy got in on the action!!!  Whoo Hoo!  
"Go Cindy, Go!"

This is sooo cool!...  
These next 3 photos are where they are currently filming the show 'Survivor'.  
We weren't allowed to get any closer because of filming and such.
What a bummer... we were hoping to get on T.V.  LOL!

Mitzi contemplating whether or not she wants to have another rum and coke... LOL!  Just Kidding!

You got any 'coke' in that rum and coke drink, Jim?  LOL!

Me and Cindy

Jim and Cindy Schult

Leonard and Mitzi Hawken

And in case you have forgotten what we both look's us!

We finished off our boat ride with a beautiful sunset...


  1. Hi Ronnie & April you guys look great! Way to go girl! Proud of you guys thx for the encouragement and sharing your experiences! May Jehovah continue to bless your efforts! Love you guys! Eddie & Tara PS Ed says he misses his John Wayne buddy or should I say "howdy pilgrim" lol

  2. Hey brothers and sisters! It is so nice to read about your adventures and experiences! This has been encouraging because a sister and I have been traveling from a small town in Illinois also and are visiting Nicaragua. We have been able to visit Costa Rica for a week and are close to heading back to Nicaragua for our next stop. We have a four or five day gap and have heard great things about San Juan del sur and are interested in stopping. We actually found this blog by googling the kingdomhall there. This is a long shot and don't know if you check this but we were wondering if you have the kingdomhall's information there. I would be happy to email and like I said I know this is a long shot but hope you guys are enjoying your time still! Thank you for the great examples!

    1. Hi Carissa!
      Please email me. My email is
      I'll see what kind of info I can find out for you. When will you be in San Juan del Sur?