Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Blessings Beyond Blessings!

So as you are already aware... Every 90 days we have to leave Costa Rica.  The easiest place to go is Nicaragua. So we leave Costa Rica, cross into Nicaragua, stay a few days and come back.

As you've already read from one of our earlier post, we arrived in Costa Rica on Jan. 14th and went to Nicaragua on Jan. 15th because our dear friends, Leonard and Mitzi, had to do their 'visa run'.  So we decided to go with them.

Well... on the way back into Costa Rica we were hoping to receive our 90 day visa stamp.  Unfortunately that didn't happen.  We received a 70 day stamp... OR SO WE THOUGHT!  We asked why it was only 70 days and they politely explained why... (long story).  Anyways, about 65 days later, we were making our plans to run up to Nicaragua really quick so that we could have our 90 days.  I opened up the passports and what did I see stamped there?...  NOT 70 days but 30 Days!!!  Oh my goodness!!!  Panic mode has officially set in!  What's going to happen to us?!  Will we have to pay outrageous fines, like we've heard about?  Or worse... Will we be deported?  At this point we have no idea what to expect when we get to the Immigration office the next morning.  We have called my parents along with Leonard and Mitzi and they have informed our Coordinator of the problem.

We decided to try a new Immigration office at a different location in Costa Rica.  We were told it was a little smoother process there because it's not as busy.  We drove up to the border, where a local Spanish brother was waiting for us.  We explained the situation to him only to receive this look like "Oh No!".  He escorted us to the small Immigration office.  But before going in Leonard said a prayer for us.  Needless to say, up to this point we have ALL been praying repeatedly!!! The brother politely explained our dilemma.  The older gentleman behind the counter looked at our passports, looked at me (which I'm about to cry at this point), and says "No Problem".  He stamped our Exit stamp on our passports and away we went.
Well, it wasn't quite that simple...  I sat down on the bench and cried.  What a relief!!!  We all immediately thanked Jehovah.  The brother that was with us said that there are usually officers that stand outside the Immigration Office.  Had they been there that morning (which they always are), then we definitely would have had to pay big fines.  But for some reason they weren't there that morning.  Hmmm...  Holy Spirit?  I say "YES!"

So with the most unbelievable sense of relief, we sat down with our new favorite brother (LOL!) for some breakfast and waited for our ride to Nicaragua.

Here's a few pictures from our trip...
(The only picture I got of the Brother that helped us out...  One where he's acting silly...LOL!)

(The dock where our boat took off)

Arriving in Los Chiles, Nicaragua

It's so sad to see how some people have to live.
How we look forward to the time when the whole earth will be a paradise
and conditions like these will no longer exist. 

YAY!!!  We finally got to see some monkeys!!!

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