Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fish Heads. Fish Heads. Rolly Poly Fish Heads...

Ok, everyone sing along with me...

"Fish Heads. Fish Heads.  Rolly Poly Fish Heads.  Fish Heads. Fish Heads.  Eat them up... Yum."

If you don't remember this crazy song by Barnes and Barnes, then check it out on Youtube.
It's the inspiration for the tile of this post.

I personally have never seen someone eat a fish head... until recently that is.
Meet our friend, Milton!  He's a brother from one of the Spanish Congregations in the nearby town of Palmares.  He wanted to take Ron and I "fishing".  "OK!", we thought.  We're thinking he's taking us to maybe a river or some type of pond or little lake.  Nope!  He ended up taking us to this cool little place where they have all these tiny little fish ponds that they stock.  People get a stick with a fishing line tied to it, throw it in the water, and pull out the fish.  Whoo Hoo!  Supper! Then the cook at the restaurant that is onsite will cook up your fish for you.  Not exactly what we are use to in the States.  But it's a pretty cool place to hang out for an afternoon.

So we opted out of 'fishing' but decided to sit down and have a meal.  What's on the menu?  Fish!  Duh! Did you think it would be anything other?  LOL!  We all ordered the Tilapia.  Yummy!  I love Tilapia.  But our meal arrived in a little different fashion than we are use to...  The WHOLE fish!  Head, Tail, Eyeballs... Yep, it was all there.

Our friend Milton loves the head.  So we kindly offered him ours, which he gladly accepted.  Other than the head, it was very tasty.  Here's a few pics from our afternoon.

Milton eating the fish heads... LOL!


  1. Well if I can eat a slice of Obama Healthcare then maybe I can eat a fish head!
    Seriously just spent a week of my life (over the last 5 months getting that straight) with the new health scare law.
    So does Milton seem a little...underwater at times?
    Please forgive my cornfield county sense of humor!

  2. I hope to meet Milton someday soon and do something unthinkable !

  3. Where are you from in IL? I grew up on a farm near Thawville...

    1. Hi Aaron, we are originally from the vandalia, il congregation.