Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cooking Class w/ Luisa

Luisa is one of the sweetest sisters that I've met here in Costa Rica.  She is our Coordinator's wife.
She's an amazing cook, which is good because we REALLY miss the wonderful food that the sisters in our congregation back in Illinois would cook.  (Miss you Jeanie, Lori and Betsy...and miss your cooking!)

Luisa was kind enough to teach us 'gringos' how to cook some traditional Costa Rican items.  Too bad for all of you that these pictures don't have "smell and taste" features.  The food was amazing!

As a side thought... Hey Kathy Watson, Lusia is the sister that reminds us of you.  It's like having you here with us.  HaHa!  Miss you and Gary lots!  As well as all of our other friends and family back in the States.

Our wonderful hostess and cook! 

Fried plantain empanadas with cheese in them.

Making 'Tres Leche' cake.  (3 Milk Cake - in English)  It's VERY yummy!!

Pineapple Pie

Mariel taking photos of the beautiful feast presented to us at the end of the class.

Isn't it beautiful?!  It was absolutely delicious too!

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