Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Making Memories

So I thought I would share some random photos that I've taken here and there.  It's hard to believe we've been here a month already.  Here's just a few shots of different things...

Here's the view outside our front door.

Searching for English speaking people in the most beautiful territory.

Service here is so exciting that it makes us leap for joy.

The following photos are of the property where the old Costa Rican branch was.  They still use the assembly hall for Spanish Assemblies and for all English Assemblies as well as the English District Convention.

The outside of the property.  The buildings at the top of the hill are the old 'Residents Buildings'.

The building in the far back is the Assembly Hall.  It's all open-air.

The property is so beautiful. 

An amazing greenhouse...

The Greenhouse was complete with its own iguana.

On our way to our first congregation get-together.  The road was to bad to drive down so we had to walk.  We definitely got a work-out walking up and down the hills. LOL!

So, this is what a coffee bean looks like when it's been freshly picked. And it taste NOTHING like coffee at this point!  :) 

Oh, and of course we had our traditional Superbowl Party...
The local brothers and sisters had no clue what a Superbowl Party was but they were good sports and supported it anyway.  Everyone had a great time.  We had about 30 - 35 people show up.  The party was in our garage.

This was a huge fruit platter, hand-made by a local sister in our hall.  It was absolutely beautiful.  She put so much effort into it!  And the fruit was absolutely delicious.

So to all of you back home that are suffering in the freezing cold weather... I leave you with this photo...

Don't worry... soon you will see green again and feel the warmth of the sun.
If you can't wait till then, feel free to come to Costa Rica for a visit!


  1. Hi Ron & April!
    Thank you for the play by play :)
    Looks so interesting and beautiful and glad you had a safe journey...or has it just begun?
    Please keep up the blog as we have no other verifiable way to taste what CR is all about. At least without coming there ourselves which we will eventually.

    Thanks again,
    Chuck & Gayla---from the flat COLD cornfields of Illinois

  2. I miss you soo much! I have a new email